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Here at Top Notch Bulldogs, we breed pure Leavitt Bulldogs(Olde English Bulldogges). These are the true ORIGINAL Olde English Bulldogges created by David Leavitt in the early 70's!

We have been involved with this breed since 2001. Our breeding goals are for quality, health and sound temperament.

Our dogs are well socialized with people and other dogs, they are raised as part of our family and every day life.

We have spared no expense in obtaining the finest stock possible to produce only the best and healthiest dogs possible. Our Leavitt Bulldogs have Gold Certificates of Merits and are some of the finest examples in the breed.

We breed for a family oriented bulldog that can participate in our everyday activities as well as compete in working events. We are very proud to say some of our dogs have been highly successful in confirmation shows, obedience, weight pull and agility. A few of our dogs have become certified therapy dogs for the elderly and disabled and we could not be more excited to anounce, one is now a certified K-9 Search and Rescue dog and is an official member of the Sauvetage Mauricie K-9 which is under the Public Safety of Québec in Canada.

We are also proud to say that our Ares, owned by the Sears family, has been featured in "The New York Times" as well as on the HBO News to promote this breeds outstanding health. I thank every single family that has given one of our dogs the opportunity to show their full potential. Please visit our "Past Pups" page to see a few of our dogs accomplishments.

We always go the extra mile in health screening all of our dogs to ensure we are bettering the breed as a whole. All of our dogs are Health Screened, Hip & Elbow X-Rayed and Temperament Approved before we even consider adding them to our breeding program.

Not just any bulldog makes it into our program! We focus on quality, not quantity!!!

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